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About SKO

SKO, founded by Aharon Chein, in 1999, provides Rabbinical Supervision, inspection, and certification services to ensure that the food products and facilities conform to the Highly Kosher Standards.

SKO specializes in certifying companies with food businesses such as meat products, natural products, certified organic products, vegetarian and vegan products.

SKO provides a quick and reliable response to certification requests, schedules plant visitations and provides expert and personalized customer services.

Our Mission/Vision


SKO Mission is to bring a wide variety of Products to the kosher market, by being affordable to the manufacturer, so it can be economic access to the consumer without compromising the highest standard of Kashrut.



To be recognized and respected worldwide in the Kosher Market, while maintaining  the highest level of Kashrut Standards.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to work personally with our customers ( manufacturer), to understand their business and needs in order to bring its product to the kosher world.

Our belief is that Every Customer is unique and we will guide them to ensure the achievement of the highest level of Kosher in its product.


We are certain on the rewards of a kosher lifestyle and the benefits it has on the mind, body, and soul.


We strive for excellence and reliability in everything we do.

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