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Rabbi Aharon Chein

Our Founder and Rabbinical coordinator obtained in 1980 the Rabbinical Certification. Two years later, he got the certificates as a Shochet u Bodek , Sofer and Mohel . He worked in Israel for “Maof” poultry slaughter house and “Marbek” beef slaughter house as a Shochet u Bodek in Kyriat Malachi Beer Tuvia, Israel.

In 1987, he immigrated to America and worked for more than a decade in “Falls Poultry” Chicken Slaughter house under the supervision of OU and Start K. Later on, he worked for “Weiss Packing” and Agri-processing beef slaughter houses under the supervision of OU, KAJ, CHK .

Also he has a variety experience in the agricultural, processes product and winery domain. With more than 3 decades as a respectable and worldwide well recognized Shochet, Mohel, Sofer,teacher and Rabbi of a Congregation, Not only Rabbi Chein has a deep Torah knowledge and a worldwide broad practical experience but also his devotion and God fearing qualities make him a trustworthy and a Key person in the kosher world that give to our institution and our customers a confidence of a strict level of kosher standard.


Rabbi Shmuel Chein

Rabbi Shmuel Chein studied in his younger years in chovevi Torah of Brooklyn ,NY where he started with elementary and completed high school and bais medrash. After which he advanced his studies attending Rabbincal seminary of law in Fort Lauderdale Fl, where he received his bachelors degree in rabbincal smicha, ordained by Rabbi Aron Leibermn, president and chairman of the orthodox rabbinate of Broward County and chief Rabbi Yehuda Yeruslavsky.

After receiving his degree in rabbincal law, Rabbi Shmuel later furthered his studies in ritual slaughtering where he received ordination from Rabbi Yehuda Yeruslavsky, chief Rabbi dean and secretary of Nachlat has chabad Israel, the foremost ritual slaughter authority in Chabad Lubavitch.

Rabbi Chein has extensive experience in the fields of Kashrus and Hashgacha starting from the Vaad Harabonim of Queens, to the OK, the KM, ORB, restaurants, passover hotels and many catering functions including the leading Kosher cruise company and passover programmers: Kosherica.

Rabbi Shmuel currently resides in Ft Lauderdale Florida where he serves as an on site rabbi and mashgiach for a glatt kosher certified establishment under the Vaad Harabonim of Kosher Miami, KM

David Ben Avraham

Our Chief Operating Office was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. David B. Avraham brings a high level of educational experience to SKO. A Biochemistry Major at the University of Miami, combined with a Sociology/Education focus at C.W Post, makes David one of our most versatile and valued team members. Not only does this background contribute to David’s expertise on well being, but it also assists in his professional accomplishments in the healthcare sector. David has established three healthcare firms whose focus is on the promotion of health and well being. The personal goals that David has set for himself mirror our company goals here at SKO: Improving the Well-Being of Society on a Global Level. 



Rabbi Aharon Chein

Rabbi Aharon Chein has been associated with the Georgian Jewish Community since 1992. He was born in Oni, Georgia and grew up in Israel where he studied consecutively at the following institutions: Rabbi Yosef Caro elementary school, Yeshivat Hanegev, Yeshiva Ketanah, and Gedola. He completed his Rabbinical studies in the Kollel of Sderot in 1982 obtaining a Rabinnical certification Shochet u Bodek , Sofer and Mohel.

In 1982 Rabbi Chein (Sofer) personally wrote a Sefer Torah (scroll) for the Sage Baba Sali, Rabbi Yisroel AbuChatzeira. This Torah is used to this day in the Bet Medrash of the Baba Sali's son Rav Boruch.

Rabbi Chein continues to work for more than 3 decades as an expert Mashgiach, Shochet and Bodek for many world known Orthodox and Hassidic communities in a variety of kosher food products around the globe.

Teaching both individuals and groups of students around the world, Rabbi Chein continues to advise companies world-wide on the process of being kosher.

Community & Leadership

In 1991 he traveled with a group of young rabbis to Georgia to reawaken Judaism into the remaining Jews of the region. Supervising and helping the needs of the local community for kosher food, kosher Torah and performing Brit Mila.

He received specific instructions in 1992 from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson to help the Georgian community in Queens. The same year he opened the Chabad Association for Georgian Jews where he became a Rabbi of this community together with Rabbi Abraham Ashvill Shlit'A. As a highly active leader of the community and an expert mohel, he is very well recommended and respected among the Bukharian, Persian, Russian and Israeli communities.

In 1998 he received an invitation from Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze to join him in Georgia to celebrate the 26th century of Jewish existence in the country. It was in that year that Rabbi Chein decided to form a new organization, Federation of Georgian Jews, dedicated to uniting all Georgian Jews. As a result, the Federation organized three historical projects in 2000:

• "Passover 2000 Project" He traveled to Georgia together with 18 volunteers from New York and Israel to   make a central Hagadah on both nights of Passover with more than 600 people taking part in the events each night . The projects involved koshering all the Sheraton Kitchen l in Tbilisi and all food supplies locally made.

• "Bar-Mitzvah 2000 Project" He brought 50 boys from Georgia to Israel to celebrate their bar-mitzvah at the   Western Wall in Jerusalem on September 18, 2000 / 18 Elul 5760. The project commenced with a two-week   tour throughout Israel for the bar-mitzvah boys.

"Sefer Torah Project" He had a sefer torah written for the unity of the Georgian community in Queens in   honor of the 50th year of the Lubavitcher Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson's leadership.

SKO was founded in 1999 by Rabbi Aharon Chein. Rabbi Chein has continued to provide Rabbinical Supervision , inspection and certification services to Hotels, companies, food manufactures, catering halls, groups , individuals, Passover programs and much more.

In 2018, Rabbi Chein obtained from  Rabbi Abergil Shlit"A  Chief  Dayan   of Israel a certificate of Dayanut  (Judge) .He is  working  with the Bed Din Ohr Nathan in everything that has to do with Kashrut .

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